Reflection on Emotion, Music, Memory

Music is one of the truly amazing things in this world.  Music is so powerful in so many different ways pertaining to so many things like memory.  Music is a really interesting way of making FBM type event.  There are many times in my life that I remember the music playing at that specific time.  I remember the first day of driving to High School and Lil wayne how to love was playing when we were driving into school and I even remember the conversation I was having when it was playing. I was talking about going to History as my first class with Mrs. Burvall. I have so many songs that remind me of times. When I hear old songs on the radio old memories come back too, very vivid memories.  Music is a truly wonderful thing That I love getting lost in.  In the clips of equilibrium, there was no things for pleasure.  The people seemed so dull in this movie.

Music I so cool because there is so many different genres and and all have grat times to listen to.  “However, a small minority of people experience unusually strong physical responses to certain pieces of music as well. They might get chills down the spine, goose bumps, or their hair standing on end while listening to music.” Music can make you feel things that you are not able to feel otherwise.  Music can really touch you when you are feeling a certain way. Music is so relatable for so many different emotions. When I am feeling sad, I can listen to music that makes me feel these emotions even more. I can just wallow in certain genres. The nice thing about music though is if you are wallowing in sadness, you can listen to high tempo music and start to feel better again.

I love music because of wha tit can do for sports. I am a swimmer and I use music before races to pump me up. I listen to fast paced music and it truly helps me get in the zone to swim fast.


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