Senses: Touch and Hearing Reflection

Articles Touch 

1. Kissing Device Sends Long-Distance Smooch. This prototype allows users to kiss their partners in a virtual way with a fake mouth.  Would this make you miss them more ultimately?  

2. Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box. Researchers were able to map out some of the genes and pathways of the touch sense in mice.  How would this be used for humans? 

3. 10 Psychological Effects of Nonsexual Touch. This examines all of the times touching is used, for example people rated sellers of cars better and more friendly if they touched them?  Could the basis of say helping someone because they touch you still lie sexual in nature? 

4. The Body Language of Touch (multi-cultural perspective). Touching people is a natural and healthy thing, it might even get you a bigger loan if you touch your teller loan person, or if you’re a waiter touching your patrons may give you a bigger tip. When does friendly touching turn into unfriendly/unwanted touching? 

5. Dating with Science – Touch!. Touching is important at every stage of a relationship and can start with a very simple touch on the arm or something. How does one just touch an arm casually? 

6.Touch Illusion. There are many weird things that our body does with touch, including taking a hat off and still feeling it. How is touch related to memory and the brain? 

Articles sound 

1.The Cocktail Party Effect. We are great at tuning into one thing and horrible at listening to the background, like at a party. Could we train ourselves to listen to more than one conversation? 

2.How does sound affect creativity. Sound has a significant affect on creativity just like colors do too. Could music be good for some homework but bad for Math? 

3.Beethoven.  Beethoven’s work may have been influenced by his deafness, he used lower pitch later in his career. Is this because he could feel the vibrations better? 

4.Sound and Tast. Sound was able to make people think that food tasted different.  Can this be part of the reason why club music helps sell drinks? 

5.Everyday listenings.  This brings up good sound points like what a car should sound like, especially with these new hybrids.  What makes something sound good?  

6.Naturaul sounds. This is a collection off many of the worlds natural sounds.  Should we name sounds like we name scents and colors? 


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