Part 2

a. The Three selfies…

Tiana Buckley and My Freshman year Selfies.  In Freshman Year Tiana and I would take selfies in English class.  We were always sitting at the same table for some reason and Tiana would always want to take a selfie with me.  She was one of my sisters best friends so I guess she thought it was funny or something.  I know it was Zoe. A who made my Instagram.  I think she thought it was cool that I was like the only guy with an insty.  We would take selfies in English to document that specific day I guess.  It was just for fun.  We have a series of like 5 or more selfies from Freshman year.  Instagram was also a new fad back then so there was the cool new factor.

The snap chat selfie.  Snapchat has transformed selfies.  On Insty you take a million before you post it because you need to make sure you look the best.  For Snap though you take awkward funny silly selfies that don’t make sense and or make you look weird.  The beauty is that the disappear so they are only seen for a bit.  Iv’e sent a lot of crazy snap chats that i would NEVER POST ON INSTY, but they are funny and give people a laugh.

The Been there done that selfie/ look at me selfie.  I have a couple seflies in places that I want people to know that I am there for.  The English selfie is different, obviously we are in school.  The Been there selfie is like my swim meet selfie.  I have a selfie from ILH champs of me with a seroius face with hashtags that are describing where I am and am proud to be there.

b. The Video



C. TImage


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