Part 2

a. The Three selfies…

Tiana Buckley and My Freshman year Selfies.  In Freshman Year Tiana and I would take selfies in English class.  We were always sitting at the same table for some reason and Tiana would always want to take a selfie with me.  She was one of my sisters best friends so I guess she thought it was funny or something.  I know it was Zoe. A who made my Instagram.  I think she thought it was cool that I was like the only guy with an insty.  We would take selfies in English to document that specific day I guess.  It was just for fun.  We have a series of like 5 or more selfies from Freshman year.  Instagram was also a new fad back then so there was the cool new factor.

The snap chat selfie.  Snapchat has transformed selfies.  On Insty you take a million before you post it because you need to make sure you look the best.  For Snap though you take awkward funny silly selfies that don’t make sense and or make you look weird.  The beauty is that the disappear so they are only seen for a bit.  Iv’e sent a lot of crazy snap chats that i would NEVER POST ON INSTY, but they are funny and give people a laugh.

The Been there done that selfie/ look at me selfie.  I have a couple seflies in places that I want people to know that I am there for.  The English selfie is different, obviously we are in school.  The Been there selfie is like my swim meet selfie.  I have a selfie from ILH champs of me with a seroius face with hashtags that are describing where I am and am proud to be there.

b. The Video



C. TImage


Senses 1-10

2. http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/fcs_hollow-face/index.html

This is a really trippy 3d/2d moving face.



3.  Taste 7 pm – 8pm

Swimming just ends, I drink water, a sooth liquid chills the inside of my mouth, What taste does water have?

I drive home to a dinner, tacos.  This dinner is full of taste.  Im starving from swimming so I immediately dip a chip into the salsa and eat it.  What a crispy and salty and spicy taste with a bit of sweetness.   I Then make a plate of mexican food.  I make two tacos, take mexican rice and strawberries. It is now the moment to eat.  I take a bite of the taco and the taste goes through the roof.  Everything is there.  The shell is crispy the meet is savory and salty and spicy, the salsas is spicy, the cheese is delicious, the sour cream is creamy and sour and ads texture, the lettuce is a crunch and makes you feel healthy.  Next the rice, it is chewy and spicy.  It compliments the tacos.  The strawberries are sweet and smooth.  What a tasteful dinner washed down with good ol water, which I still don’t know if it has a taste.

Later comes the dessert, just dome ice cream.  Well Kona mud pie local ice cream with is creamy, cold, sweet, chocolaty crunching and and Oreo like.

4. I feel like this is one of those abstract things that we really have no idea how to describe or how to think about it.  I feel like its like thinking about a color we’ve never seen before, a new color.  Sure we know exactly what color is but we can’t visualize what another color that we’ve never seen is like.  I think it would be rather creepy not knowing who you own wife is.  It would be interesting If we were able to do an MRI is something on his brain to see if theres maybe a par that it damaged.  Also if his short term memory is affect like they said is maybe the case, why would it erase everything that he knew before? Could this have implications fro everybody, or is this just a one time freak thing?

5. PHENOMENALISM (Slogan: To be is to be perceived)

This is what I adhere to most.  I think the world is really what we perceive it to be.  Things always have more than one perspective, in fact they really have unlimited perspectives.  We are humans and we feel the world the way wee feel the world.  To us a tree falling does make noise.  The world is the way it is because thats the way we perceive it.  Sure it could look different from other points of view but we are humans so what we see is what we see.  There is no use trying to disprove what we feel because when it comes down to it, all that really matter is how us as human perceive the world.  It doesn’t matter if we are doing it wrong, because we are all doing it wrong then.

6. When our family got a mini cooper… Mini coppers were everywhere.  When I bought a miata… Miatas were everywhere.

When I am stressed out and in a bad mood and agitated, I see things that feed on it.  If i’m late and driving, I notice that red light thats holing me up, even thought I just went through 3 green lights.

Our culture looks at people who eat dog every negatively, meanwhile we eat cows, which are sacred in India.  We eat pigs, which are still animals.  Our culture has made it “ok” to do certain things and eat certain animals.

In Japan im pretty sure kids don’t talk back to their parents, but here it seems culturally ok to do so.

If somebody is performing an experiment, their belief in the hypothesis may make them only observe things that support that.


These are going to really change the way people act.  I think one of the biggest implications is that people are going to have to give up their old ways and ideals.  This is a new way of going about thins.  I also think that this is a never ending race for more.  Just look at everybody who as a phone.  Think about 2007 when people only dreamed about having that iPhone.  ?Now it is just normal fro people to have an iPhone or an Android.  We have adapted our daily lives to fit the product.  Its almost like a drug.  We’ll talk about caffein because its an accepted drug.  Originally one may drink coffee on a day  they had too little sleep, or they just felt really tired.  Now coffee seems so magical to the person who drinks it once a moth.  But what happens is they start to drink coffee every day and pretty soon all it does is make their mornings/day feel normal.  I think this i sone of the big implications of these new technologies… The possibility it won’t really change anything.  I mean who much have we truly changed because of cell phones?


This uses the closure and grouping to make it look like a closed oval using 4 separate pieces.

9. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1NFHDMstf8ZdHTA8-JOICD_6UtPNvVrT0kx27k66j1Ek/edit?usp=sharing

5 Senses

5 Senses

Driving through the drive through is very sensory. I already love driving because you hear the engine revving, you get to move the car around while holding the wheel and using your feet and shifting the stick stick. It is a great experience on top of the fact you get to see things. Now when you go through the drive through you get to eat and smell the food knocking off the last two senses not used while driving. It is really amazing.