Chap 3 Course Companion Action/Study Guide

Page 90. 


a. I read the Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.  He chose to give us just enough factual information.  This book was written in the 20s and is still read today.  It is very evident that it is in the 20s even though it is not talking about dates.  This book give lots of descriptions of the surrounds on what is going on in the city at the moment.  

b.They have selected to give us more of a latitude version of the map.  This book is not full of many statistics, but more of a metaphor, or representation of the time period.  It is a great work because of this.  It requires thinking about, and is on intangible features of the 20s like the American dream, not what the average stock price of ford was doing at the moment.  

c. Fitzgerald used very interesting langue.  It is still looked at today which means a lot.  There are probably just as many good stores with just as good of a meaning as TGG but in a much more implicit way.  Fitzgerald was explicit in a way of getting to the everyday reader, yet it can go much deeper.  His sentences are full of great descriptions though like the valley of the ashes.  

  1. This book was written by Fitzgerald for the general public to read.  It was to illustrate the failure of the American Dream in the 20s. 


I think it is absurd to call a book holy or what you will.  I do not think they should be so valuable.  This is because you can “tear them apart”, they were written by a human, so they cannot be the end all be all.

Books do not hold learning.  Yeshey talked about the three steps of learning and I feel that the experience step is much more valuable then a book could ever been.  All books are, are facts, or opinions.  You either learn a fact which you could cheat on for a test making it useless, or an opinion from somebody else.  Your own opinions are what is worth something.  Education comes from within, not from a book.  

That being said I would like to get my knowledge from book, because they are separate from learning.  I would like to use the books to aid in my learning.  They just have to be applied, not just read in order to truly learn.  They are still good for information though.  




These stages can apply to channel swimming.  The first stage is saying I want to swim that channel.  The second stage is learning about that channel and the logistics.  The third stage is training, as well as the forth stage.  The fifth stage is swimming the channel. And once you finish the swim you have been enlightened.   



Swimming the Au’au channel,  Dealing with a shark, Swimming the 500 free at states, swimming the 200 free at states, scuba diving, driving, body surfing, boating, cliff jumping 


Writing lab report, literary critique, questioning knowledge,  examining social experiment, 

Knowledge Claim 

The 20s are called the roaring twenties, WWI was devastating because of nerve gas,  Fibonacci’s spiral, Hawaii was annexed 1898, 

I think the easiest to learn is the procedural.  Dates are easy, but can be hard to tie anything to, to learn it.  On tests, I sometimes blank out on the easy 1 point state this, but I can remember how to apply a broader topic. I think what sticks with you the most is experience.  “It’s like riding a bike” experience just sticks with you.  This could be why you never have to retake a road test if you don’t let your license expire.  The renewal is just for more money, not because you forget how to drive. 


I think the IB is mostly Cognitivism because it is about the mind and the thought process.  I feel like this is what the ib tires to go towards instead of just facts.  I really like to learn by doing so I like the idea of Pragmatism.  I like to learn by using my hands and acting through the motions. 


procedural memory, this is like tasks we perform like playing chess, or driving a car. 

working memory, this is like the transition memory, it works with the short term memory and it vital for remembering visual images and such. 

long-term memory, this is separate from the rest of the memories. These memories are stored indefinitely.  

declarative memory, this is a type of long term memory that is used to recall facts and suck like that 

episodic memory, this is the memory of thing that pertain to your life, like event, times places, embarrassment, good times and such.  


Being sincere is having good intentions, where as being right has to do with being factual.  Being sincere about Santa it just to just kinds a good time and thing to think about.  It does not have to be right.  I would say that Santa is a false statement because it is not really doing any harm.  Children love to believe in Santa and this is totally different from lying to cover your butt or to get away with things.  Santa is just a nice false statement about the holidays.  


Observation will play a huge role in Psychology and observing participants for research.  


I put these all together because I feel they are all am important part of learning and of overall education and of overall enlightenment.  Each piece of the puzzle, belief, truth, knowledge, and justification, are just as important as one another and they all make up something greater.  Because in the end, truth is only the truth if you believe it is the truth.  




I learned that our group of swimmers was checked out by/followed by a tiger shark on our swim.  We know this because of our well respected boat captain who saw it on a fish finder.  But know body saw this shark up close.  Do we want to trust that the fish finder was being read correctly?  Did the captain have a reason to lie about there being a shark? I feel like I saw the shark from a far away distance right around the moment when it was seen following us by the fish finder.  But, id I have an inclination for seeing this.  I did truly want to see one of these tiger shark, I wanted to see the stripes on it after hearing about them the previous three year.  I wanted to know that it was there, not just be told about it after we were done swimming, like in past years.  So now the truth is somewhere with the with the statement of the Captain and his evidence of the  fish finder, and the statement of our kayaker who feels he was bumped.  And with my possible sight of this mysterious tiger shark.  Was it there? We will never know because none of us saw it.  I mean, Does a tree make a noise when falling in the woods if nobody is there to hear it?  All I know for now is that my hopes to see a tiger shark(without being eaten) is pushed to another occasion. 



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