Belief and Doubt

I. This is a very interesting view on what we think of knowledge and humanity.  I feel as if the author is going about this the wrong way. He makes it seem like we can never have knowledge because our ascendents will pity us like the way we pity our descendants.  I do agree with things he says about how things are changing constantly, but thats just it.  We can have knowledge today we can deduce things in the present.  Just because it may be false in the future does not mean that it cannot be true in the moment we are in.  If we say that we never have knowledge that just undermines all the great things we have figured out how to do and how things work.  Basically it is knowledge up until the point that it is not anymore or it is disproved, but this does not mean everything it true until it is disproved.  “The creative mind fashions the world in which we live” This is basically saying that he thinks the people with imagination and think out side the box create the knowledge.  He is sort of saying that it is the people who create their own reality that make new knowledge and keep the world fluid.

II. I thought this was interesting that they compared the tobacco industry to that of climate change.  I think they really pulled on people fear censors for this message.  I think the thing about climate change is the fact that people know that it is happening just as the fact that people new smoking was bad.  This only showed half the sides for the two topics but it still had an overall good message of climate change.  This did come of as very propaganda like.  It really wanted you to take their opinion.  A reliable scientific approach would not have tried to make the audience think that climate change is good or bad but rater just give them the facts about it.

III. This is a 5 hour energy add.  The claims they make our so far out there.  They say that 73% of doctors recommend it to their healthy patients WHO ALREADY TAKE ENERGY SUPPLEMENTS.  This is not telling us weather or not the “doctors” would recommend it on its own.  This is a very preposterous add.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 8.19.09 PMThis is a tweet about a certain “organic” soap company supporting GMO labeling.  They are in support of the a bill that would require the food industry to label foods as GMOs. Lots of places in Europe already have to do this and I think we should too.



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