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Combating the Tyranny of the Positive Attitude 

Barbara Held – Brunswick, Maine
As heard on NPR’s All Things Considered, October 22, 2007
This was a really interesting view on attitudes.  This was all about not letting society change your attitude on things.  She believes that you do not always have to have a positive attitude on things in life.  She is a psychologist and thinks everybody needs to cope with mental distresses in their own way.  She does not think there is always a bright side to look on.  She was tested by this when she had the flu that lest her with viral menegitious that left her with horrible headaches for weeks.  She was “terrified” and would become more depressed when people told her to be positive.  She says that the moment a psychologist told her to tell her friends she needs to be sad that she got better.  She swears that you needed be a mess but not negative or mental sometimes to get through things.  
I think the most interesting part of it was her tone she used in the essay, she did not seem like a happy person.  Maybe the people that are quite and not really ever out their have a different way to cope than the people like my sister who are always full of energy and positive.  
She never said her belief was tested. 
I am in partial agreement with her but I feel there are many times you have to stay positive even when you want to mope.  

Sports Psychology

This is a ted talk about sport psychology. He talks about how different athletes get to the top and what they do to stay there and also why they fail somethings. I really enjoyed this because he used Michael phelps as an example and this was relatable because I have the sameish ritual before a swim as he does.

He talks about smart goes but doesn’t talk about not reaching them… How can you push past missing a goal?

He talks about anxiety… What is going on in the brain that makes athletes perform less when they are anxious?

Our Perception

A stop motion inspired by Winston Churchill with thanks to @steveaoki
“We make our surroundings and then they make us” – Winston Churchill

I created this stop motion to illustrate the quote that I chose. I made it a bit abstract. The character in the film was being surrounded by balls/dots, which become his hands/feet. After this the guy become a small neighborhood. This was to show that people are influenced by what it going on around them, and they they eventually follow what is popular/”right” in society.